Using Custom Discord Emojis Without Discord Nitro: Using Tampermonkey

Tampermonkey is a browser extension that allows you to install user-made scripts to edit the websites you visit. I personally recommend it in general because it's very useful for things like blocking ads, bypassing paywalls on news sites, adding dark mode - And more.

Click here to head to the official site of Tampermonkey and install it for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera Next, or Firefox. This method of using emojis without Discord Nitro requires a specific user script, which you can find HERE.

Is Tampermonkey safe?

That's a valid concern. Nothing wrong with watching out for your safety.

If you've never used the extension before, it might be kind of off-putting to see the disclaimers about safety that come with installing Tampermonkey scripts. However - these are kind of just all-encompassing "we're not liable if this somehow makes your house blow up" statements that Tampermonkey as an application has to include, and you can also learn to judge which scripts might not be trustworthy by checking the "Feedback" section on GreasyFork or the "Issues" section on OpenUser.JSE.

Users of each script have the ability to leave feedback, so if you find a script that's either brand new and has no reviews yet OR has tons of negative reviews: This is a sign it's not worth downloading.

Additionally, this particular script (as far as I can tell) can't access any potentially private data, and it's basically scraping the website for information and then sending the image it finds.

Installing Tampermonkey

Once you have TamperMonkey, installation is completely automatic. You don't have to place files anywhere, and installation is handled by the extension. To start installing a script, click the "Install" button and then "Agree".

Using The Script

When working correctly, this script will show the emojis in your emoji picker menu with an outline around them. This is how you know it's operating correctly. Any emoji (static or animated) or a static sticker highlighted with an outline can be sent, in any server/DM.

Pros & Cons of Using This Method For Free Emojis Without Discord Nitro

Thanks for reading! Hopefully this was helpful to you.

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