My Mini Collection

Welcome to my collection of minis! This is one of my largest projects, and it's taken tons of digging through old websites to find interesting miniature emojis that fit a few specifications: GIF files (with a few exceptions), small enough they wouldn't seem out of place if used on a Tumblr post, still large enough to be clearly read, and useful for communication somehow.

Check out my tutorial for favoriting these on Discord over here. (General) (Eating & Sleeping) Archived 2011. (Doing Chores) link. Emoticonsonly From various pages on the site, 2011-2015. Emoticonsforskype Archived 2007. Msnemoticons Archived 2011. Mazeguy Mazeguy has an awesome collection, check out the site here.

Softbank 2000 Even More Places To Find Minis
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